Feng Shui Creations! Where you will discover the things you “feel" in your space and never thought to talk about. Now you can.

It's about your environment, the things you have around you, how they affect you and how the energy moves in your space, or sometimes doesn't. 

You'll be amazed at what you will learn about your environment and how it influences your energy, mood, communication, and so much more. Please enjoy the site and thank you in advance for looking!

Have you ever walked in a room and something just did not not feel quite right? Feng Shui is about changing that "feeling" so it does feel right.

Have you noticed a particular shop or business site that's had a successive history of business failure, and constantly seems to be up for lease? Feng Shui Creations knows why and how to fix this.

Have you experienced misfortune or major changes in aspects of your life, such as finances, relationships or health, since living in a particular home? If so, call Feng Shui Creations will point these issues out and why their happening to you.

Traditional Feng Shui provides insights into what is happening in your life.  Traditional Feng Shui provides solutions to help you create positive energy.

From advice on Feng Shui and Interior Design to Property Assessments and
Business Consultations, we offer flexible services to meet your needs.

Ensure that the energy in your home supports your goals in life.  Creating space that brings in the needs, love, wealth, success, health you desire. 

Give your business an additional edge and improve the energy in your office to
support your business performance and increase revenue.

Sell your home fast by creating a space that welcomes your buyers and learn what it is that is keeping them away.

It starts with your space and ends with results. Whatever your space planning needs are get expert advice from Feng Shui Creations. 

Feng Shui Commerical

Visual merchandising, inventory display selections, floor design and planning, wall color selections that will increase buying power and customers.   

Feng Shui Residential

Furniture placements and selections, Home organizational assistance, De-cluttering,  Space planning and redsigning.  BaGua Mapping,  and cleansing. 

Feng Shui Home Staging

In today's economy you have to stand out
from the rest and make your home say,Welcome, please stay and make yourself at home.Feng Shui Creations Always gets you results and your house sold!

Feng Shui Remodels

Feng Shui Creations in San Diego takes great pride in helping their clients reach their dreams and vision.


Thank you for starting me on the path and turning the spiraling out of control chaos in my house and work place into a
designed plan of harmony and balance.   

Steadily we are implementing changes

you suggested in and outside our house.
My husband was laid off from his job
last year. We put his resume in at a larger
company, he was hired within the week
with better work hours and health insurance that we can actually afford